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I accepted the silence

to protect her

while she positioned herself

as a barrier

between him and us

from a whispered sentence

she made me understand

a few words are enough

to initiate

the fatal gesture

the threat had been explicit

pointed at her head

she had promised

she would never leave

neither her prison

nor her jailer

she would never speak

of this promise

he pulled the trigger

to seal the agreement

with a hollow seal

in the concrete floor

when the fragments of the floor

whirled around

like so many possibilities


we became statues

now motionless

in an invisible cloister

we learned

to feign


to pretend

under the incessant rain of insults

amused smiles

to avert our gaze

when he pointed his


at our bodies

which he liked to ridicule

the shapes and gestures

we waited


close to the monster

every night

and me

taking refuge far from her

far from this house

where we died

at the same time


since then

I wonder

if the detonation

has not abolished everything

if I have imagined

an entire life, improbable

in a fraction of a second

composed of benevolent relationships

of creation

of survival

these words may be

those of a phantom atom

dreaming of a time

that will never be

its own

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