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The desire to create first manifested itself through my initial medium of expression, the source of all intentions, the very place where artistic sensitivity is experienced : my body. Before I learned to read and count, I learned to express myself through a series of movements deployed in space and time.


The body is a crucial point of all my artistic and literary research.


The body in perpetual transformation. Diminished, injured, liquefied, augmented. Porous. Traversed by others, stimulated by their words. A spongy body that absorbs despite itself the emotional charge of all the beings it encounters, and the vibrations of its environment, to the point of losing its own rhythm. A mystical body, in search of transcendence.


When I started to get interested in 3D modeling, I immediately wanted to sculpt a sublimated digital body, that is, one freed not only of its clothes, but also its skin, to reveal the meshes that compose it, these interplays of lines that outline both the structure of the body and the fields of force that compose it, as in my first video-poetic work, Training Program for the Use of Hygienic Consciousness.


I experienced intense poetic epiphanies while studying the theories of quantum physics that try to formulate the equation of the Universe. The meshes in 3D modeling remind me of string theory. Or at least my artistic interpretation of it.


At the quantum level, a fundamental music unfolds from which all possibilities emerge. Through their harmonious vibrations, elementary particles, these infinitesimal manifestations, make up the framework of the Universe.


It is with this vibratory image of matter, and thus of the body, that I began to create my wire sculptures with their assembly of meshes that highlight the network of "strings" that structure their form.

I perceive in this weaving of lines a kinship with writing, which amalgamates a series of different vibrations — words — to scaffold a narrative device.

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3D modeling | text : KAROLINE GEORGES

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