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Mutant creatures fascinate me. I write to immerse myself in the body and stream of consciousness of beings in full metamorphosis.

Transforming or radically altering one's perception of reality, even to the point of reinventing it ; this may be the algorithm underlying all my novels. And several of my artistic projects, too.

Through my project of taking selfies with my digital avatar, Anouk A., I have explored the transformation and sublimation of a virtual body by integrating the propositions of hundreds of 3D designers striving to generate components of the digital body. I do not know how many faces have defined and then redefined Anouk.

In the early days, her appearance was generic ; her multiple heads were all identical to those worn by her peers. The avatars first resembled insects, indistinguishable from each other.

Customization functions initiated a new game, that of choice, taste, definition, ratio of proportions, fluctuating influences. The face of my avatar began to become unique, recognizable. And yet, I kept modifying it, redefining the drawing of the features, even changing the head over and over again, as if the appearance of my character could not be fixed once and for all. Or rather, I had to learn to embrace this desire for infinite transformation, as if this pictorial body demanded to become highly vibratory, filled with possibilities, expressing them all at once, without fixing any.

I didn't know it, but I was preparing for the advent of AI.

Nearly twenty years after my first dive into a digital avatar, artificial intelligence now offers a new playground that resembles a boiling pot. Words, images, music, and soon 3D objects : everything will be generated in a few seconds from a succinct command. The imagination can take shape almost instantly. I feel like I'm crashing full-on into a magical storm where the matter of the Universe becomes fluid, formless, pulsating; it whirls at the speed of light, in a cosmic dance of increasing complexity.

And I feel in my element.


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