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Comprised of 18 sections, POIESIS interweaves 80 digital images, 8 videographic works, 8 3D sculptures accessible in virtual reality, and more than 10,000 words.

This hybrid project is interested in the digital both as a tool, a place of diffusion, and a theme of creation.


Combining literature, virtual photography, video, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and audio art, POIESIS highlights my current artistic and literary process.

To put POIESIS into perspective, here is an overview of my exploration of the digital for the past two decades :


At the first edition of Orange, the contemporary art event in Saint-Hyacinthe, I create an urban sound installation composed of digital music and poetry titled L’alimentarium. I declaim, in the manner of an AI, a long list of micronutrients necessary for the optimization of the body.

The next decade, I explore poetic orality through numerous stage performances and the creation of audio poems in the studio. I compose my own sound environments and multiply musical experiments.


I publish my second novel, Ataraxie, accompanied by digital music pieces, created in collaboration with Alex Forest. The sound pieces form "floating" chapters of the novel.


Start of the exploration of metaverses and virtual photography, with my first avatar, Kyrie Source.


First 3D modeling and animation project. I create a suite of four capsules featuring a digital character delivering his Training Program for the Use of Hygienic Consciousness.

The text that originated this experiment requires a particular approach : the narrative "voice" I hear is that of an AI. To generate the impression of a non-human voice, I use text-to-speech software and compose a sound environment. The project is premiered at the Maison de la Poésie de Paris, where it earns a Jury Selection at the Biennale Internationale des Poètes en Val-de-Marne.


I begin a large project, LANDMARKS, which is now composed of more than 70 videographic loops offering a poetic proposal integrated into an urban environment. Made in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin, Chamonix, Geneva, Aosta, Brussels, Quebec and Hamburg, the LANDMARKS loops mix video captures and digital incrustations ; they stand as a place to explore a sort of augmented reality before its time. The project is presented at multiple exhibitions, events, and festivals in several countries ; it is up for the Lumen Prize in the UK and in the Official Selection at the 4th Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition in Ireland.


Retrospective of my digital exploration at the Expression exhibition center. For the occasion, I create a series of large-scale images with my avatar Anouk A. and I create a 3D animation Profile Update presented in a loop.

My digital work Our Profile Kiss wins the FutureFest Award in London.



The exploration of the digital transforms my writing. The Imago Stage features Anouk A., a 3D avatar with which I have created and published hundreds of virtual photographs during the research phase of the novel project.


Realization of the installation Emergence. In the heart of the pandemic, the project premieres at the Athens Digital Arts Festival ; it is also broadcasted during the Global Knowledge / European Heritage Days event before being projected in Italy at the OVER THE REAL International Video Art Festival, and in Brazil in 2022 as part of the FILE Electronic Language International Festival.


I join the community of artists on the Tezos blockchain.

The permanent art collection of the Tezos Foundation in Switzerland acquires a dozen of my most recent digital works, including three 3D sculptures.

In the spring, I begin work on the POIESIS project.




This project is made possible thanks to the DIGITAL EXPLORATION AND DEPLOYMENT program of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec




n. f. – from ancient Greek ποίησις

creation, fabrication; production, making, an action that transforms; activity that brings something non-existent, virtual, potential into a state of being, a manifest work.

Ancre 1
Ancre 2
Ancre 3

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