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for a long time, I melted into

the walls


by my initial environment

where sordidness unfurled

spread everywhere

like a slow flow of radioactive lava


I aspired to transparency

not the kind that undresses and reveals

a literal transparency

that of disappearance

I froze

under the grip that tightened my throat

a vise since my first breath

a constant constriction

that refined, reduced my neck

like a floral stem that unfolds

into an unfinished bud

coiling more and more on itself

until forging a knot

from which emerged

my wire

where now shine

the tips of my barbed wire

I was a wireframe presence

punctured, partial

formed of invisible meshes

that let rageful screams filter through

and all the blows

of a foreign body, immense

too heavy to push back

who knew how to crush

my formless lines

I erased myself

until there remained

neither a fault of posture

nor any face by which to express

neither the pain, permanent

nor the shame of never having had the strength

to defend myself


nothing ever pierced the blurry shadow

behind which I hid

neither the misunderstanding

nor the growing rumble of anger

that I concentrated

into a single clear frequency

between my synapses

on the tips of my barbed wire

the grip comes now

to lacerate its decaying flesh


photogrammetry | 3D modeling  | text : KAROLINE GEORGES

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