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Thirty years after embarking on my artistic journey, my creative process remains an absolute enigma. 

I do not know how my imagination works nor how projects are born, but I notice some recurrences.

When I am intrigued by a subject, I find myself in a state of hypersensitivity, of exacerbated cognition. Yet, I am unconscious of the creative preliminaries.

The work takes shape in the blind spot of my artistic approach. I perceive only a set of questions, an increasingly obsessive curiosity. I search for definitions, essays, documentaries; one trail followed reveals ten others. I alternate between readings, illegible note-taking, drafts of texts, creation of visual works. I let myself be carried by a thread where multiple loops form. And it is at this moment that an image emerges, that a fragment of a literary universe imposes itself.

Underneath the curiosity tied to a subject, there is, always, a drive of anticipation.

Before writing my first novel La Mue de l'hermaphrodite, I had just extricated myself from a daily consumption of marijuana and I was entering a life of sobriety. My novel, built around the creation of an empire of new psychotropics, is interested in the function of psychotropics in the deployment of human consciousness.

At the time when my novel Ataraxie began to emerge, I was confronted with multiple women in my surroundings who valued a radical physical transformation through cosmetic surgery and I was questioning the meaning of this mutation of feminism.

Under the Stone took shape at the turn of the millennium, as the terror concerning resource depletion, climate changes, and the accelerated extinction of species began to create a huge media wave. A question haunted me more and more: what will become of humanity on the other side of all these announced catastrophes?

The Imago Stage imposed itself while I was nurturing a fascination for the emergence of the virtual body while being terrified by the immense pain of my mother, in the terminal phase of cancer. I was situated right in the middle, between the composition of a virtual body and the decomposition of the biological body of the one who gave me life. The anticipation was then visceral. Every second pulled me towards my mother's disappearance and forced me to think about my own finality. Physical and artistic.

Currently, the deployment of AI, in conjunction with civil and military use of nuclear, stimulates my imagination. Aging nuclear power plants, poor management of nuclear waste, and nuclear armament generate anxious futuristic visions. The role of AI in the accelerated transformation of humanity, in a climatic, energetic, and highly perilous political context, sparks between my neurons.

Anticipation operates in a strange way. I perceive the inevitable consequences, the radical upheavals, but even more, I discover unprecedented possibilities.

From an unsettling fog, I see a harmonic form emerge, an aesthetic and philosophical equation that will transform my perception of the world and, incidentally, give birth to a new question mark that will relaunch my creative process.

videos | text : KAROLINE GEORGES


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